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Industrial Supply Group
Heatleys Safety & Industrial
GPC Commercial
Global Spill Control

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Spill Control

Drum Bunds / Low Profile Spill Pallets
Drum Bunds
Bunds for storage of 205 Ltr drums or variety of smaller drums and containers
Bunds for IBC or bulky box
IBC Bunds
Store IBC units and or pallets of drums on these large capacity bunds
Spill Drip Trays
Drip Trays
Used for storage of parts, containers and drums. Capture leaks and drips using these trays.
Heavy duty steel spill pallets
Heavy Duty Steel Spill Pallets
The ideal solution for storing Class 3 Flammable Liquids or other compatible chemicals.
Collapsible Bunds
Collapsible Bunds
Collapsible bunds are a fast, portable containment solution designed to provide a temporary storage area for drums, tanks, plant and machinery. Australian Made.
Drain protectors and covers
Drain protectors and covers
Drain protectors and covers keep spills on site and prevent them entering stormwater drains or waterways.
Spill Mats
Spill Mats
Spill Mats are made to lay under vehicles, machinery or stations while catching any drips or spills.