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Bunded floor systems - a spill-ready floor solution

Created: 2014-09-11 01:00:25

Bunded floor systems are ideal for areas where liquids are handled and drips, leaks or spills may occur. Using low profile drum bund spill pallets, any configuration can be achieved simply by combining two, four, six or eight-drum spill pallets to suit the available space.

Ideal for any areas where liquids are stored and handled, these low profile bunds connect seamlessly together with joining strips. Use our sump-to-sump bund connectors to increase the capacity of the bund - and eliminate the need for continuous calculation for each one.

Spill Crew's low profile bunds are constructed from tough polyethylene and feature removable polypropylene grates. This provides superior corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals, oils and fuels.

Plus all low profile spill pallets features encapsulated data plates which provide instructions for the operator, load-bearing capacities, bund volume and materials of construction. These plates cannot peel or be lost as they are moulded into the bund.

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