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FIXAPIPE Pipe Repair Kit

FIXAPIPE pipe repair kit is ideal for repair of damaged / leaking pipes in minutes.

FIXAPIPE is a pipe repair kit to repair damaged/leaking pipes in minutes.
Ideal for a variety of pipes: Metal, concrete, galvanised, ceramic, fibreglass, polypropylene, steel, rubber, stainless steel and copper.
Can be used on: Wet, dry, clean, broken, corroded and leaking pipes.

Ready to use, just open the sealed packet, insert the putty into and around the crack or hole, soak the bangage in water for 30 seconds, squeezing often, then apply bandage.
* Repair damaged/leaking pipes in minutes
* Fast, effective cost-saving product reduces downtime and labour
* Sets hard in 30 minutes
* Can be applied to a variety of pipes, joints and tee repairs of different shapes and sizes
* Suitable for construction, plumbing, mining, manufacturing, marine, DIY, automotive, boating, agricultural and many more.
* FIXAPIPE bandage when used in conjunction with steel putty is safe to use on pipes containing a range of different chemicals. Refer to for updated full listing.

Spill Pallet DB4G

Spill pallets and drum bunds capture leaks, drips and spills from drums to small containers. The leak enters the bunded area under the deck from where the spill can be absorbed or retrieved via pumps.

Safety Cabinets

Demonstration how easy building the Spill Crew Safety cabinets is. Two average blokes in quick time build the flammable 250Ltr safety cabinet.

Worktuff Wipes

Spill Crew WorkTuff polypropylene absorbent wipe are the most economical wipes on the market. Here is why you should try these wipes. They hold together even after absorbing 6 times their own weight in liquid. Tough construction so they will not fall apart. Ideal for wiping areas that contain small filings. Non lint so no messy fibres left on your clothes. Universal absorbent will soak up all chemicals such as coolant, degreaser, fuels, oils, grease or even water. Unlike rags, WorkTuff wipes are a super absorbent and take up far less room.

Document Storage Box

Store important documents like MSDS, maps, charts, safety records, manuals in a safe water resistant highly visible storage box. Often referred to as a MSDS box or a MSD box.

Low Profile ramp

Ramp designed to allow access to the low drum bund ramps

Low Profile Bunds

A range of low profile bunds that can be used separately or join them together to make a bunded platform and work area. Sumps can be joined to enlarge the capacity bund.

Spill Kits

Spill Crew has a range of spill kits for spill scenarios that are typical in industry. We have spill kits for mining and construction, vehicle and transport industry, warehouses, the marine industries and lab and healthcare.

Pedestrian Ramp

Spill Crew's tough, polyethylene non-slip pedestrian ramp allows operators to safely and easily access curbs and small steps. This pedestrian ramp is ideal around exhibition areas, outside public buildings, hospitals and aged-care facilities. The ramp can also be used by furniture removalists or on a construction or mine site.

Spill Trays

The safe storage and handling of drums, containers, tanks, machinery and equipment in the workplace helps protect workers and the environment from incidental spills, leaks and drips. Trays capture the liquids so slips and falls do not occur as a result of a slippery surface.

FIXAPIPE Application Video

See how simple and easy FIXAPIPE pipe repair kits are to use with this step-by-step application video. Applying FIXAPIPE to a broken or leaking pipe is split up into simple steps, making the process easy to follow.

Top Opening Document Storage Holder

Often referred to as SDS boxes, document boxes or SDS holders, these highly visible powder coated steel holders have integral wall lug mounts so they can be mounted to a post, fence, safety cabinet, piece of equipment or wall for easy reach in an emergency.

Indoor Emergency Information Holder

The Spill Crew Emergency Information Holder - Indoor is constructed of red powder coated steel and is designed to keep two large A4 binders protected but accessible in the workshop or factory.

Emergency Information Manifest Cabinet

The highly visible Emergency Information Manifest Cabinet is usually placed at the front of a property/site so it may be easily located and accessed by emergency services.

High Pressure Gas Cages

Store G2 size high pressure gas bottles in these heavy duty zinc anneal steel constructed storage cage made to comply with AS/NZ 3833-2007

Forklift cylinders gas cages

Store T sized forklift gas cylinders in these heavy duty zinc anneal steel constructed cages which are made to comply with AS/NZ AS4332-2004

BBQ bottle LPG Gas Cylinder Cages

Store 9kg LPG BBQ gas cylinders in this heavy duty zinc anneal steel constructed storage cage made to comply with AS/NZ AS4332-2004

Metal Drip Trays

Metal drip trays from Spill Crew are perfect for storing Class 3 flammable goods and containing any unintended drips, spills and leaks.

Aerosol Storage Cages

Spill Crew's range of aerosol gas cages

Spill mats

Spill mats are a quick and easy spill containment solution. They are used as a temporary solution for capturing and drips or spills from containers, tools or equipment. Supplied in a range of materials and a wide range of sizes.

Collapsible bunds

Collapsible bunds are a unique snap-out solution which enables operators to easily create a fast and secure area to house drums, tanks, plant and machinery or to deal with potential spillage.

IBC tilt stand

This Spring Loaded Tilt Stand is an innovative stand allowing liquids to be dispensed automatically till the last drop, avoiding waste and any undue safety or environmental hazards.

Decanting cradle

Use a drum decanting cradle to safely dispense liquids in your work place. This decanting cradle will help reduce waste, spills and increase employee safety.

Urethane drain protectors

Urethane drain covers help to control spill areas and contain any potential spills from entering stormwater drains and traps.

Gel-weighted drain covers

Gel-weighted Drain covers help to control the area and contain any potential spills from entering stormwater drains and traps.