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5 Easy Steps

Created:2014-03-147:54 pm

FIXAPIPE offers a five-step, non-mess solution

The five easy steps for using FIXAPIPE:

 (Turn off all valves controlling flow to damaged section of pipe to remove pressure.)

Step 1 – For best results and a stronger seal; roughen surface of pipe. Remove any loose particles and clean the area to be repaired.

Step 2a – Cut or twist off required amount of putty. Knead putty with fingers until a grey consistent colour is achieved (for best results mix thoroughly). For easier mixing, warm putty to room temperature or slightly above. Apply within 2 minutes of mixing.

Step 2b – Force putty into cracks or holes in the damaged area of the pipe. (Putty has 3-5 minutes work life).

Step 3 – Submerge FIXAPIPE bandage in water for 10-15 seconds, squeezing 2-3 times to ensure it is evenly soaked.

Step 4 – Apply consistent tension; wrap the entire FIXAPIPE bandage over the area to be repaired whilst ensuring a 50 per cent overlap is maintained. For best results a thickness of at least 10mm is required. (Bandage has a 3 minute work life).

Step 5 – Once the entire bandage has been applied, squeeze the bandage by rotating/twisting your hands to obtain a smooth finish.

Allow at least 30 minutes for FIXAPIPE bandage to set.