Aussies protecting the environment one drop at a time

The Spill Crew Advantage

Aussies protecting the environment one drop at a time

Spill Crew Australia is a proudly Australian manufacturer of absorbents, spill kits, spill containment products, drum bunds and spill pallets, bunding, safety cabinets, gas & aerosol cages, along with a variety of other materials handling equipment.

Our customer base includes major Australian and international distributors, resellers and stockists. Spill Crew Australia does not sell to the end user or general public – please use our distributor locator to find your nearest supplier.

The Spill Crew Advantage:

Local manufacture At Spill Crew, we manufacture the vast majority of our products here in Australia. This means that in most cases, you will not be affected by changes in foreign exchange rates or affected by shipping or port disruptions.

Continuous supply We have one of the largest stockpiles of spill equipment in Australia, strategically located within warehouses across Australia. Our dedicated and nimble Australian team can amend its production plans at very short notice to manufacture custom or large production runs and operate 24/7 when required.

Fast national delivery network Our strategically located warehouses across Australia are able to quickly pick and deliver your order directly to your metropolitan-based warehouse, thereby reducing handling and freight costs and minimising delivery lead times.

Absorbency capacities and tested quality Each production run of Spill Crew’s polypropylene is tested for consistent product quality and product absorbency. This ensures our Australian Made absorbents do their job every time, without exception.

Australian Made We manufacture our own polypropylene absorbent pads, booms, rolls and pillows. This guarantees that your purchase of Spill Crew absorbents helps Australia and the Australian manufacturing industry.

We also have our own in-house metal fabrication and powder-coating facility, delivering high quality, AS-compliant safety cabinets, gas and aerosol cages, and outdoor dangerous goods stores.

Importantly, it does not cost any more to support Australian Made. By selecting Spill Crew as your partner, you are supporting Australian workplaces, families and the Australian Made campaign.

Range To complement our range, Spill Crew Australia also represents world-leading brands in safety and PPE from around the globe. We aim to find the best technologies available and represent the manufacturer both here in Australia and overseas. If you have an exciting product for our customer base, we are happy to look at representation.

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