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FIXAPIPE Media Release

Created:2013-10-163:46 am

Quick & easy approach to any leaking pipe

October 07, 2013  Spill Crew is proud to introduce FIXAPIPE. A product that has cleaned up and simplified the process of repairing leaks on any damaged pipe.

FIXAPIPE is a quick and easy solution for repairing any small or large holes in many various types of pipe and it is simple to use.

It repairs damaged and leaking pipes in five simple steps, that take just minutes to complete.

Spill Crews Mike Carrigg says that FIXAPIPE can be used on a variety of pipes, including metal, concrete, galvanised, ceramic, fibreglass, polypropylene, steel, rubber, stainless steel and copper.

The great thing about FIXAPIPE is that there is no mixing needed, so there is no mess, he said. It can also be used on wet, dry, clean, broken, corroded and leaking pipes, and because it so easy and quick to use it reduces labour downtime.

Because FIXAPIPE is a bandage it also has the flexibility to be used on different areas of the pipe including any tee or join. And because it can be used to mend holes on different types of pipes, tradesmen in all industries are finding it useful.

Mr Carrigg said that the FIXAPIPE bandage, when used in conjunction with the steel putty, is also safe to use on pipes containing a large number of chemicals.

The bandage is on a spool so the application of it is really easy, he said.  We have the backing of a world leader in bandage manufacturing, so no corners have been cut. It truly is a quality product.

More information

The FIXAPIPE kit is available in four different sizes, from 5cm x 3.6m to 10cm x 4.9m. The kit comes complete with the bandage, a pair of gloves and the putty.

The recommended retail costs for the kits start at $41, through to $70.