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Safety Shower & Eyewash Activated Alarm System


Safety Shower & Eyewash Activated Alarm System

When an emergency shower or eyewash is activated, the activation alarm system send an audible and visual alarm to nearby personnel to notify them to render assistance.

This safety shower alarm includes the control panel, flow switch and an installation kit.

When an emergency shower or eyewash station is in operation, it is imperative that workmates and first aid personnel are
notified via a safety shower alarm and are able to monitor or render assistance.

The Spill Crew Activation Alarm System utilises robust and reliable flow sensing and alarm technologies to instantly provide
local audible and visual indication that the shower or eyewash has been activated. The plug ‘n’ play system is easy to
install, operate and test and has ‘back to base’ capability for remote or control room monitoring.


Flow switch:

  • Magnetically actuated piston style sensor that switches in response to very low fluid flows
  • Can be mounted in any orientation including horizontal or vertical
    pipework or even upside down
  • Instantly responds to flow, initiating audible and visual alarms at the
    control panel
  • Low voltage plug ‘n’ play control cable with for connection to the 12Vdc panel control circuit
  • Optional installation kit facilitates easy installation of the flow switch at the supply inlet of any Spill Crew SCES eyewash, shower or combination unit.

Control panel:

  • ABS enclosure with audible (siren) and visual (strobe) alarms
  • Selector switch for ARMED and ALARM MUTE selection
  • Red and Green LED indicator lights
  • Volt free output for common fault – back to base monitoring capability
  • Power cable with three pin plug for 240Vac connection

Installation Kit:

  • Stainless steel Y strainer, barrel union and reducer nipple allow easy
    installation of the flow switch on any Spill Crew shower or eyewash unit
  • Made from 316 stainless steel

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