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Disposal bags


Disposal bags

  • Temporarily store hazardous or contaminated waste
  • Printed red text with repeated message
  • 100um plastic bag to resist punctures
  • Repeated message is in red ” Disposal Bag for Contaminated Waste”.
  • Natural low density polyethylene.
  • Fill to 70% full then use the balance of the neck of the bag to tie a knot for storage and transport.
  • If the load in the bag is heavy or for extra precaution, double bag the waste.
  • Never mix absorbents in the same bag that have absorbed different classes of liquids.
  • Never store disposal bags with used absorbents back in a spill kit that have unused absorbents still in the kit.

Bags can be ordered individually or in packs of 100
Bag dimensions: 140cm x 50cm x 100Um
Qty per pack: 1

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