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Drum funnel


Drum funnel

Use this drum funnel to safely decant liquids in your work place. The 435mm wide open mouth allows for safe pouring of liquids into 205L drums and IBCs and will help reduce waste, spills and increase employee safety.

This drum funnel is used to safely decant liquids directly into a drum, minimising the risk of any drips or spills.  The 100% polyethylene construction provides excellent durability whilst being resistant to oil, fuel and a range of chemicals


  • Designed to fit a standard 205 litre drum and IBCs
  • Tough and durable 100% polyethylene construction
  • 100mm internal walls
  • The 435mm wide open mouth allows for safe pouring of liquids and prevents the risk of drips, spills or splashes
  • Spout outer dimensions: 50mm diameter
  • Allows for passive draining of small containers such as paint cans
  • Scalloped shaped grooves allow for quick and efficient draining
  • A funnel lid is sold separately to prevent any ingress of water, dirt or dust. Lid can be secured with a padlock – click here to view online
  • Made in Australia
Code Description Dimensions
SCMH-DF205 Drum funnel 435mm diam.

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