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General Purpose Absorbent Pads


General Purpose Absorbent Pads

General purpose absorbent pads are ideal for most workplaces and are designed to clean up spills of most liquids including coolant, solvents, degreasers, paint, blood, mild acids and bases, oil, fuel, diesel, petrol and other hydrocarbons.

Made in Australia by Australians

Spill Crew absorbent pads

  • General purpose pads are used to absorb small spills or used during the final clean-up of a larger spill incident.
  • Suitable for use in mine and maintenance workshops, panelbeaters and paint shops, chemical processing plants, vehicle repair workshops, refuelling facilities, service stations or transport depots.
  • Excellent for wiping down oily equipment or placed under or around leaking machinery.
  • Poly absorbent pads are the modern day replacement for waste rags and kitty litter in the work place and “pre-cut” to a convenient, workable size to prevent excess use and wastage.
  • Pads are used to absorb small spills or used around a workshop to catch spills and drips.

Grey absorbents = absorbs all liquids (hydrocarbon, water-based Liquids and mild chemicals)

Grey absorbent booms, rolls, pads and pillows are designed for absorbing general industrial liquids such as coolant, degreasers, oils and fuels, paint, bodily fluids, and most water or water-based liquids.

The general purpose range of absorbents is suited for indoor workshop or industrial spills. The heavier weight of pad enables absorption or recovery of larger volumes of liquids quickly (e.g. oil and fuel or water-based industrial liquids). This range is suitable for mildly corrosive or caustic solutions, but not recommended for use with highly corrosive or caustic liquids.

Key Points

Spill Crew absorbents are a cost effective way to manage your day to day spills, drips and leaks.

The fast wicking action of Spill Crew absorbents means that your workplace quickly recovers from a spill incident, minimising unproductive down time and reducing the risk of workplace slips and falls.

The rates of Spill Crew absorbents mean that you’ll use less absorbent to clean your spill. This saves you money and minimises waste disposal and disposal transportation costs.

Spill Crew absorbents are made from the highest quality Australian Made materials, which are non-allergenic, non-reacting, non-leaching and dust-free so they can be used in clean workplaces such as hospitals, schools and healthcare facilities and spill responders will not have health concerns by using Spill Crew absorbents.

Once saturated with oils and fuels, polypropylene absorbents can be squeezed and re-used during a spill incident. We do not recommend storage and reuse of used absorbents.

Absorbency capacities and tested quality

Each production run of Spill Crew’s Australian Made polypropylene is tested three (3) times for consistent product quality and product absorbency. This ensures our Australian Made absorbents do their job, every time, without exception.

Our quality control and lab testing procedures enable us to accurately state the absorbent capacity of our absorbents and spill kits, which we believe, is an industry first in Australia – so you don’t need to rely on overstated and untested absorbency claims.

Other names

Absorbent sheets and mats

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Code Description Size Pack size
SCM45M-50 General Purpose Absorbent Pad 45cm x 45cm 50
SCM45M-100 General Purpose Absorbent Pad 45cm x 45cm 100

Polypropylene colour = Grey
Australian made polypropylene absorbent

Disposal of used absorbents should be in accordance with local regulations.

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