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Global Green – Truck Wash


Global Green – Truck Wash

  • Designed to remove a wide range of soil, oil, dust and carbon from trucks and vehicles without causing damage
  • Lemon scented.
  • Concentrate that can be diluted with foamers, dispensers and pressure cleaners.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes: 500ml, 5L, 20L, 200L & 1000L IBC
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Global Green truckwash is a heavy duty cleaning agent that removes dirt, dust, oil, grease, fuel etc. It is not abrasive
or corrosive and is safe to handle with no fumes or risk of explosion. Truck wash is environmentally-friendly with
quick-break properties which make it ideal for oil/water pits and separators.

Global Green truck wash has a wide range of applications such as mining and earthmoving equipment, Agricultural and industrial machinery, engines, gearboxes and chassis, Trucks, cars and buses, pressure washing, parts washing and bath degreasing. In addition Truck wash can be used for cleaning boats, engines and bilges, workshop floors and kitchen appliances.

Directions for use:

  • Safe to use on all metals – will not affect good paint.
  • May be used with a low-volume foamer or venturi systems.
  • Brush, swab or spray onto surface to be cleaned.
  • Allow to soak into heavily soiled areas then wash off with water.
  • May be used at a 1:1 dilution for equipment with heavy oil coverage.

Dilution guide – dilute with water at the following rates:

  • Mining equipment (heavily soiled) 4:1
  • Degreasing of engines & chassis 10:1
  • Concrete and workshop floors 10:1
  • Truck and car wash 50:1
  • Pressure washing 100:1

Available sizes:

Code Description
GGTW05 500ml
GGTW20 20L
GGTW200 200L
GGTW1000 1000L

Please indicate the size required in the comments field in the checkout

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