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Information – Safety Tags


Information – Safety Tags

These safety tags are used to warn and instruct personnel not to operate the equipment, switch or valve attached to the safety tag.


  • Blue and white
  • Made from 140gsm Polyart
  • Pack of 50 tags

Spill Crew safety tags feature blue text of the word INFORMATION, followed by blue note-taking lines and spaces for the user to add relevant information. These warning tags are used to control and monitor equipment maintenance and throughout production processes.

  • Safety tag material is made from 140gsm Polyart
  • The portrait style warning tags measure 160mm x 80mm
  • Safety tags are sold in packs of 50 tags
  • Safety tag eyelets are reinforced and measure 8mm diameter
  • Danger safety tags do not include strings
  • Danger tags are made in Australia

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INFORMATION tags include the following text:

Side 1:

Blank lines
Name field
Signature field
Date field
Contact no field

Side 2:

Blank lines

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