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Mercury spill kit – pail – Lab & Healthcare


Mercury spill kit – pail – Lab & Healthcare

The mercury pail spill kit is specifically designed for various settings, including hospitals, labs, schools, workshops, warehouses, factories, and chemical plants, where small amounts of mercury may be encountered. It includes MercAmal amalgamation powder, an essential component for safely handling mercury spills.

The mercury spill kit is designed to effectively address mercury spills in various environments such as hospitals, laboratories, schools, workshops, warehouses, factories, and chemical plants where small amounts of mercury may be stored, handled, and potentially spilled.

Here are some important facts about mercury:

Elemental mercury is a heavy silvery-white metal that remains in liquid form at normal temperatures. However, it can vaporize at room temperature, creating a risk of mercury exposure through inhalation. The risk increases with higher temperatures. Hence, immediate cleanup of mercury spills is crucial.

The spill kit includes MercAmal mercury amalgamation powder, which, when mixed with water, converts elemental (metallic) mercury into a stable, solid zinc amalgam. This process prevents the release of hazardous vapors, ensuring safer handling and cleanup.

The kit provides instructions on how to properly clean up a mercury spill. Additionally, it includes essential safety gear such as gloves, goggles, and boot covers to protect personnel during the cleanup process. The spill kit also contains a label and mercury spill kit operating instructions for easy identification and guidance.

Supplied in a 10-liter white pail with a snap-on lid, this spill kit with MercAmal offers convenient storage and accessibility.

MercAmal mercury amalgamation powder is also available for separate purchase in a 500g shaker bottle, providing an option for additional supply when needed.

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Kit contents:


Qty Description
1 Instructions for use
1 Mercury amalgamation powder, 500g shaker bottle
3 Wooden spatula
3 Mixing cup
3 Shoe covers, pair
3 Sponge
3 Safety goggles
3 Disposable gloves, nitrile, pair, L
3 Disposable gloves, nitrile, pair, M
3 Ziplock small contaminated waste bags
3 Large contaminated waste bags
1 Barrier tape, Caution Spill Area
3 Scoop and scraper
1 Dustpan and brush

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