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Out of Service – Safety Tags


Out of Service – Safety Tags

Spill Crew out of service tags are used to inform or warn personnel not to operate equipment or machinery the tag is attached to.


    • Yellow and black printed


    • Made from 140gsm Polyart


  • Pack of 100 tags

Spill Crew safety tags feature easily recognisable yellow and black diagonal stripes and OUT OF SERVICE warning message. These tags are used to warning and instruct personnel not to operate equipment or machinery attached to the tag and what the specific defects are.

  • Safety tag material is made from 140gsm Polyart
  • The portrait style warning tags measure 160mm x 80mm
  • Safety tags are sold in packs of 100 tags
  • Safety tag eyelets are reinforced and measure 8mm diameter
  • Danger safety tags with strings included
  • Danger tags are made in Australia

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OUT OF SERVICE tags include the following text:

Side 1:

Out of service
Not to be operated
See other side

Side 2:

This tag must not be removed until the equipment involved is cleared for safe operation
Out of service
Not to be operated
A blank area for information regarding the defect
Name field
Equip/switch/valve field
Date and time field

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