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Cytotoxic body fluids spill kit – Lab & Healthcare


Cytotoxic body fluids spill kit – Lab & Healthcare

The specially designed cytotoxic body fluid kit offers protection against potential hazards that might be present in vomit or other body fluids of patients receiving cytotoxic drug treatment.

The primary objective of this specialized spill kit for cytotoxic body fluids is to safeguard against potential hazards that could persist in vomit or other bodily fluids from patients undergoing cytotoxic drug treatment.

Cytotoxic drugs, commonly employed in the chemotherapy treatment of severe illnesses, pose additional risks to healthcare workers and caregivers. Whether it is the chemicals themselves or body fluids from patients, cytotoxic drugs can have highly detrimental effects on one’s health.

Designed specifically for cytotoxic drug treatment, this spill kit is suitable for various workplace settings, including:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Healthcare facilities
  3. Patient transport
  4. Veterinary clinics
  5. Medical centers
  6. Aged care facilities
  7. Nursing homes

This portable spill kit for cytotoxic body fluids is conveniently packaged in a zip-locked bag and contains the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for personnel or spill responders to safely handle the spill. It also includes Zeolite powder, an essential component that effectively absorbs spills and neutralizes odors.

Spill kits are available in a wide range of sizes and types to ensure that an appropriate kit is readily available to minimize risks and fulfill environmental obligations. To view Spill Crews full range to Lab & Healthcare spill kits please click here.

Kit contents:

Qty Description
1 Instruction sheet
1 Respirator, disposable, N95
1 Safety goggles, clear
1 Protective gown, elastic cuffs
1 Gloves, disposable, nitrile, deep blue, M
1 Gloves, disposable, nitrile, deep blue, L
1 Overboots, disposable, pair
1 Hair net, 21” bouffant, white
1 Zeolite absorbent powder, 200g
1 Scoop and scraper
1 ChemoPlus absorbent pad, 30×30
5 Absorbent cleaning wipes, low lint, blue
1 Aussan organic sanitiser, 50mL
2 Cytotoxic Spill warning sign
1 Alginate bag, red, 72×99
2 Cytotoxic waste bag, purple c/w ties

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