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Spill Kit – Hazchem up to 375L


Spill Kit – Hazchem up to 375L

Hazchem absorbents for corrosive and unknown liquids to rapidly absorb virtually all chemicals such as aggressive acids and bases, paints, coolants, degreasers, herbicide and pesticides.

High-capacity frontline spill kit for large hazardous liquid spills, designed for labs, medical facilities and hospitals.

Made in Australia by Australians.

Spill Crew healthcare chemical spill kit has been designed for spills of virtually any liquid in a lab or healthcare environment and are ideal for workshops, warehouses, factories, chemical plants – wherever hazardous chemicals are stored or handled.

Laboratory and healthcare spill kits contain:

  • Our healthcare chemical spill kit  is a lightweight, easy to use pink polypropylene booms, pillows, mats and pads that are clean, non-allergenic, dust-free and absorb virtually any chemicals – making them perfect for use in today’s modern workplace.
  • Loose pink absorbent particulate. The particulate is lightweight and easy to use with excellent vapour suppressing properties and a fast wicking action to rapidly soak up and encapsulate all liquids. The non-leaching organic fibres will not discharge absorbed pollutants.
  • Necessary PPE and contaminated waste disposal bags
  • Operating instructions and re-order forms

*Actual absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature.

The advantages of a Spill Crew spill kit:

  • All absorbents and kits are made in Australia by Australians. This allows us to customise, maintain quality control and supply continuously.
  • All Spill Crew spill kits can be reordered in a simple refill pack. The refill pack will contain all the absorbents and accessories originally included when the kit was purchased.

Spill Crew stock a wide range of spill kits such as general purpose, oil and fuel, hazchem, marine and healthcare. To view the full range please click here.

Code Description
SCKLH375R Spill Kit Lab & Healthcare Hazchem 375L


Quantity Code Description Size
10 SCH24075 Chemical absorbent boom 2.4m x 75mm
16 SCH3422 Chemical absorbent pillow 34cm x 22cm
200 SCH28S Chemical absorbent pads 28cm x 32cm
2 SCHPC Chemical absorbent particulate 2.5kg
2 pair PVCG45 PVC gloves 450mm
8 SCDB Disposal bag with Contaminated Waste label 100 micron PE / 140cm x 50cm
1 SCTAPE5075 Barrier Tape – ‘Caution//Spill Area’ 50m x 75mm
1 SCSKI Operating instructions A4 laminated

Maximum absorbent capacity:up to 375 litres
Wheelie bin colour: Red
Shipping weight: 33 kg
Shipping dimensions: 60 x 70 x 105 cm

Spill Crew refill pack available:

Refill pack code Description
SCKLH375RR Spill Crew spill kit lab and healthcare hazchem refill pack 375L

*Absorbent capacities will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature.

Disposal of all used absorbents should be in accordance with local regulations.

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