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Spill Mat 2m x 2m


Spill Mat 2m x 2m

  • Capture and contain any spills from containers, drums or vehicles
  • Choose between a 75mm or 100mm bunded wall
  • Supplied with storage bag
  • Available in a range of materials

This portable spill mat is ideal for temporary storage of batteries, small containers or generators.

  • Features 75mm or 100mm bunded walls to store items which may leak
  • Bund walls are made from an encapsulated, compressible, closed-cell foam which allows trolleys to drive on and off the spill mat.
  • The Spill Mats are supplied with a portable storage bag
  • Standard duty spill portable spill mat shown above. Spill mats can also be manufactured from other materials: 650gsm yellow PVC, 900gsm orange PVC, 1350gsm black PVC and black chemical duty Cool Guard geomembrane. Select your desired material from the drop down menu above.

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Description Dimensions Code
Spill Mat Standard Duty 2m x 2m x 75mm SCSM2X2-SD
Spill Mat Standard Duty  2m x 2m x 100mm SCSM2X2-SDX
Spill Mat Heavy Duty  2m x 2m x 75mm SCSM2X2-HD
Spill Mat Heavy Duty  2m x 2m x 100mm SCSM2X2-HDX
Spill Mat Chemical Duty  2m x 2m x 75mm SCSM2X2-CD
Spill Mat Chemical Duty  2m x 2m x 100mm SCSM2X2-CDX

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