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Collapsible bund 3.2m x 2m – 2240L


Collapsible bund 3.2m x 2m – 2240L

  • Use this 3.2m x 2m collapsible spill bund as a decontamination area
  • Used to capture up to 2240 litres of waste or wash water
  • External batons are already in place
  • Easy to assemble, simply stand the wall up vertically
  • 350mm high walls allow easy access to the bund

Temporary spill bunds are a unique snap-out solution which enables operators to easily create a fast and secure area to house drums, tanks, plant and machinery or to deal with potential spillage. Collapsible bunds are lightweight and portable making them easy to set up and pack away on the go. The durable material means that temporary bunds can be easily reused, cleaned, stored and transported.


  • Use as a decontamination bund to capture contaminated washwater
  • Contain leaks, drips and spills from tanks, drums or machinery
  • Easy to assemble perfect for emergency spill solutions
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Optional drain valves can be included for drainage or where a pump out is required
  • Use to capture up to 2240 litres of waste or wash water
  • Collapsible bund is easy to carry and compact to transport with a handy velcro sealed carry bag
  • 350mm high walls allow easy access to the bund when using it as a decontamination station

Built tough

  • Standard duty collapsible bund shown above. Temporary spill bunds can also be manufactured from other materials: 650gsm yellow PVC, 900gsm orange PVC, 1350gsm black PVC and black chemical duty CoolGuard geomembrane

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Material Size Volume Code
Yellow PVC – Contractor Series 3.2m x 2m 2240L SCCB3.2X2-CS
Orange PVC – Standard Duty  3.2m x 2m 2240L SCCB3.2X2-SD
Black PVC – Heavy Duty  3.2m x 2m 2240L SCCB3.2X2-HD
Black Chemical Duty CoolGuard Geomembrane  3.2m x 2m 2240L SCCB3.2X2-CD

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