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Thermal Insulation Kit


Thermal Insulation Kit

Thermal insulation, as acknowledged in AS4777-2207, is crucial for keeping safety shower and eyewash fluids at the ideal tepid temperature, constituting an essential component of a proper first aid setup.

This Thermal Insulation Kit is vital for ensuring optimal first aid care, as it maintains irrigation fluids at the required tepid temperature, as recognised by AS4777-2207 for a well-equipped first aid facility.

Featuring pre-formed and pre-slit closed-cell foam pipe insulation tubes with a 25mm thick wall, this kit offers robust coverage. Its factory-applied, reinforced, multi-layer foil facing provides durability against punctures and corrosion, along with high UV resistance for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy to handle, the insulation tubes are simple to cut and wrap around shower spools for swift installation on-site. Whether fitting onto new shower units, combination units, or retrofitting onto existing ones, the kit ensures seamless integration.

Moreover, it comes with pressure-sensitive aluminum foil tape, facilitating the sealing of joins and laps for enhanced insulation efficiency. The Thermal Insulation Kit SCES-TIK includes 2m of tubing and a 50m roll of tape, serving as an indispensable component for a compliant first aid facility, as mandated by AS4777-2207.


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