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Vermiculite Absorbent Floorsweep 30 Litres


Vermiculite Absorbent Floorsweep 30 Litres

  • All-liquid absorbent
  • Suitable for highly corrosive and caustic liquids
  • Absorbs up to six times its own weight in liquid
  • Made from naturally occurring hydrated Phlogopite Mica

Vermiculite is a naturally-occurring all-liquid absorbent which is often recommended in Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) due to its ability to safely absorb highly corrosive and caustic liquids.

  • Ideal for chemical processing plants, paint and panel shops, chemical storage and handling facilities, transport warehouses, food and beverage processing plants, printing and automotive workshops
  • Vermiculite is ideal for placing on and around a spill to solidify and absorb
  • Absorbs most aggressive acids and alkalis, as well as paints, solvents, hydrocarbons, inks, dyes and aggressive water-based liquids on contact
  • Will absorb up to six times its own weight in liquid
  • Premium Vermiculite is sterile, inert and pH neutral
  • High absorbency to weight ratio = lower transport and disposal costs
  • Non-allergenic, non-hazardous with no dust
  • Acts as an absorbent and cushioning agent of hazardous liquid containers during transport

Vermiculite all-liquid floorsweep

3kg bag = absorbs 30 litres of liquid
Supplied loose in a 30 litre bag

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