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WorkTuff absorbent wipes


WorkTuff absorbent wipes

  • Spill Crew WorkTuff polypropylene absorbent wipes
  • Roll size 100m x 30cm
  • Absorbs coolant, degreaser, fuels, oils, grease and water
  • Holds together even after absorbing six times own weight in liquid
  • Tough construction so won’t fall apart.

Do those old rags spread more than they absorb?
Do chemicals make your wipes fall apart?
Are you paying too much for wipes?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our new Spill Crew polypropylene absorbent wipes are for you.

  • They hold together even after absorbing six times their own weight in liquid.
  • Tough construction so they won’t fall apart.
  • Ideal for wiping areas that contain small filings.
  • Universal absorbent will soak up all chemicals such as coolant, degreaser, fuels, oils, grease or even water.
  • Unlike rags, WorkTuff wipes are a super absorbent and take up far less room.

Our wall-mounted roll holder helps dispense your wipes
Eliminate loose wipes or rags in your workplace or van.
Remove the problem of wipes being relocated around the workplace.

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Code Description
SCM100.32LB WorkTuff absorbent wipes single roll
Roll Size 100m x 300mm
Weight 2.24 kgs
Material Polypropylene
Colour Blue
Roll holder to suit SCMRWH

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