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FIXAPIPE Pipe Repair Kit

FIXAPIPE pipe repair kit is ideal for repair of damaged / leaking pipes in minutes.

FIXAPIPE is a pipe repair kit to repair damaged/leaking pipes in minutes.
Ideal for a variety of pipes: Metal, concrete, galvanised, ceramic, fibreglass, polypropylene, steel, rubber, stainless steel and copper.
Can be used on: Wet, dry, clean, broken, corroded and leaking pipes.

Ready to use, just open the sealed packet, insert the putty into and around the crack or hole, soak the bangage in water for 30 seconds, squeezing often, then apply bandage.

  • Repair damaged/leaking pipes in minutes
  • Fast, effective cost-saving product reduces downtime and labour
    Sets hard in 30 minutes
  • Can be applied to a variety of pipes, joints and tee repairs of different shapes and sizes
  • Suitable for construction, plumbing, mining, manufacturing, marine, DIY, automotive, boating, agricultural and many more.
  • FIXAPIPE bandage when used in conjunction with steel putty is safe to use on pipes containing a range of different chemicals. Refer to for updated full listing.