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Lithium-ion charging cabinet – 24 outlet


Lithium-ion charging cabinet – 24 outlet

This 24 outlet lithium battery charging cabinet serves as a secure storage and charging solution for lithium-ion batteries within the workplace. Featuring 24 charging outlets across three adjustable shelves.

This lithium-ion charging cabinet serves as a secure storage and charging solution for lithium-ion batteries within the workplace. Equipped with 24 charging outlets and an in-built containment sump, the cabinet addresses safety concerns associated with high temperatures that may lead to electrolyte leakage or combustion in lithium-ion batteries.

Designed with dual fans to draw in cool air and extract hot air, promoting airflow to cool the batteries effectively, making it suitable for the hot Australian environment. These cabinets are built tough with a double-wall construction and 40mm thermal barrier, offering enhanced protection in the event of a workplace fire.

The cabinet includes practical features such as self-closing doors with adjustable hydraulic closures, a lockable door for added security, and a flush-mount handle with a key lock.

Ensuring compliance with safety standards, the cabinet is equipped with danger and warning signage, including a Class 9 lithium battery warning diamond.

  • 24 charging points
  • Fitted with two IP54 rated exhaust fans with a flow capacity of 55m3/hr
  • Three shelves with 8 charging points on each shelf
  • Double wall construction with 40mm thermal barrier
  • Self-closing doors with flush mount handle
  • Lockable doors for added security
  • Built-in containment sump to capture any leaks of electrolyte
  • All danger and warning signage is provided
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

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Code Dimension (W x D x H) Chargin outlets Shelves
SCIRL24 1115mm x 520mm x 1850mm 24 3


  • 3 Pin Flat 15 Amp Appliance inlet 250V
  • 24 charging outlets
  • 2 exhaust fans
  • Colour: white
  • Self closing doors
  • Integral vents with flash arrestors
  • Integral spill containment sump
  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Strong adjustable shelving that allows free air movement
  • Appropriate warnings and safety signage
  • Earth grounding point included
  • Made in Australia

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