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Heavy duty drip tray – Large


Heavy duty drip tray – Large

  • Use spill trays to store drums and prevent spills into the environment.
  • Store oily tools, rags and used absorbents in trays.
  • Tough, UV stable polyethylene is resistant to oils, fuels and a range of chemicals.
  • Large size: 1445mm x 780mm x 180mm

Heavy duty drip trays – Built tough

  • All Spill Crew heavy duty drip trays are made right here in Australia and are built for our tough Australian conditions.
  • Using 100% polyethylene, the Spill Crew range of trays provides superior corrosion resistance from a wide range of chemicals, oils and fuels.
  • Encapsulated data plates provide instructions for the operator, load-bearing capacities, tray volume and materials of construction. These plates cannot peel off as they are moulded into the tray.

Why use a spill tray?

  • Protect workers and the environment from incidental spills, leaks and drips by safely storing and handling drums, containers, tanks, machinery and equipment in the workplace
  • These spill trays capture liquids so slips and falls do not occur as a result of a slippery surface.
  • The environment is protected from soil contamination and the trays prevent spilled liquids entering stormwater and drainage systems, thus protecting the broader environment from contamination.

Instructions for use

  • Check stored liquids are chemically compatible with polyethylene tray.
  • Promptly remove any captured liquids from the sump.
  • Check payload volume complies with sump capacity.

Spill Crew have a large range of trays including general purpose poly, heavy duty poly and extra heavy duty metal.  To view Spill Crew’s full range please click here

Code Description
SCTRAYL Spill Crew Drip Tray – Large


Dimensions 144.5cm x 71cm x 10cm External, 130cm x 64cm x 10cm Internal
Weight 6.5kgs
Tray capacity 159 litres
Tray material Polyethylene

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